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Hilo C++ is now part of the Windows SDK

Hilo C++ is now part of the Windows SDK. Checkout the code and documentation:

Welcome to the Hilo Community

Hilo guides you though the development of a Windows Store app. The Hilo sample is a photo viewing app using C++ and XAML.


This sample demonstrates how to build a complete Windows Store app using C++ and XAML. The Hilo end-to-end photo sample provides guidance to C++ developers that want to create a Windows 8 app using modern C++, XAML, the Windows Runtime, and recommended development patterns. Hilo comes with source code and documentation.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to use modern C++, asynchronous programming, XAML, and the Windows Runtime to build a world-ready app for the global market. The Hilo source code includes support for four languages and all world calendars.
  • How to implement tiles, pages, controls, touch, navigation, file system queries, suspend/resume, and localization.
  • How to implement Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) and Repository patterns.
  • How to test your app and tune its performance.

Read Developing an end-to-end Windows Store app using C++ and XAML: Hilo to learn more about the Hilo code base and the design and implementation patterns we used.

As you review the code, you will notice that the C++ does not look like the C++ of the past as we are using C++11. To learn more about C++11 read Welcome Back to C++ (Modern C++) on MSDN. If you see ways to make the code look even more modern, please let us know how on the Discussions tab!

If you are developing a Windows Store app using C++ and XAML and you want to use Microsoft DirectX to improve performance or to reuse the assets in your app more effectively, you can use this article to get started.

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